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Spend a Day Out in Cardiff

Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, is a great place to visit and to inhabit as well. There is a wide range of cultural and tourist attractions that will keep people entertained at all times, be it rainy or sunny. A fantastic thing about Cardiff is that it is full of surprises, and it will never stop amazing its visitors. Cardiff certainly has a diverse and cosmopolitan air to it.

Some of the most beautiful places in Cardiff are the green areas, seen in every corner of the city. This means that a day out in Cardiff or in the surroundings of Cardiff is an excellent way to relax and spend some quality time with your loved ones. It is also a great place to go on a date or simply take a long walk. Cardiff is full of green parks, the most popular being Bute Park, which is actually a garden that joins the Llandaff Fields with the Taff River. Other parks in Cardiff are Roath Park, situated in the north of the city or Victoria Park, which is full of colour in spring. Victoria Park was actually the first official park in Cardiff.

A weekend out in Cardiff or in the surroundings of this marvellous city is like a breath of fresh air. This is the reason why days out in Cardiff are very popular activities.
You can hop on a Cardiff Bus, prices start from £3 and fun is guaranteed. The most advantageous way to travel by Cardiff Bus is to purchase day-to-go and day-to-go plus rider tickets. These tickets can be bought on the bus. The regular tickets cost £3, £2 for children and £7 for a family of 5. Tickets are valid for an entire day, and can be used in, around and beyond Cardiff.

One good idea for a day out in the surroundings of Cardiff would be to go to Barry Island, and you'll enjoy being by the sea all day. Close to Cardiff, the large sandy beach awaits you with plenty of souvenir shops, cafes and arcades. Go to the pleasure park on this island and try the rides. Try the thrilling Log Flume. You can also visit the Glamorgan Steam Railway Heritage Centre, or take a steam train ride. All these, plus panoramic views of the Bristol Channel.

If you want to visit some ancient locomotives and furnaces you should check out the Blaenavon World Heritage Site, the Pontypool and Blaenavon Steam Railway and Big Pit. There are many monuments in the area and there are structures of ironworks you can admire. You can take an underground tour at Big Pit, or see a locomotive collection at Pontypool.

For a relaxing tour with mountainous scenery, go to Brecon Mountain Railway, Merthyr Tydfil. You can take the steam train through the Breacon Beacons National Park and enjoy the lovely view of mountains, forests and lakes. You can stop at a cafe, take a walk or stay for a picnic.

If you want a glimpse of history, go to the Caerleon Roman Amphitheatre and Legionary Museum. You will have the chance to see the Isca fortress, one of the most important military bases in Britain. The Amphiteatre is a great site to see. The Museum in High Street pictures the entire history of Roman Caerleon. You can take a look at his armours, arms, and lots more enciting things linked to Caerleon's time.
Wales is very famous for its numerous castles. Around Cardiff you can visit Caerphilly Castle or Castle Coch.

Caerphilly Castle is an impressive castle with huge gatehouses, moats and lakes, towers and other beautiful architectural manoeuvres. It will send you back to medieval times, the castle being built in 1268. There are also shops and cafes here, to make your trip even more pleasurable.

Castle Coch is another castle near Cardiff. It is a fairy-tale like castle also known as the Red Castle. The castle was built back in the 13th century but its foundations were laid in the 7th century. In the 19th century, under the orders of the Marquis of Bute, the castle was transformed into a romantic country retreat. You can see Aesop's fables illustrated on the walls of the Coch castle. All in all, the castle is a very extravagant building, worth visiting.

If you want to go on a picnic, you can choose the Comeston Lakes Country Park and Medieval Village. You can see amazing wildlife there as well as beautiful scenery and a medieval village from the 14th century.

If you want to experience life in the 17th century and the Civil War, just visit the Llancaiach Fawr Living History Museum. Another similar experience would be the Museum of Welsh Life.
At Llanerch Vineyard, Hensol you can go wine tasting at Wales' greatest vineyard. You can also take long walks in this country park and see the picturesque lakes and forests.
A great tourist attraction and a good idea to spend a day out in Cardiff would be at the Rhondda Heritage Park. Experience the unique audio and visual presentations of Rhondda Valley. There is also a contemporary artifacts museum.

Last, but not least, you can go to the ancient site of Tintern Abbey. The area is splendid and you can also see the ruins of the old abbey. It is actually a place many artists have been drawn to, due to its outstanding beauty, and therefore, many works of art were created here. Currently, the Wye Alley, where Tintern Abbey is located, is a common attraction for those who are in love with the countryside. It's just pleasant to take the famous Wye Valley Walk on the Offa's Dyke path, which is situated on the hills above.

To make it easier, you can book an organized tour and let others worry about your itinerary. All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty of Cardiff and its surroundings.

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